Foto Hot & Profile Model Seksi Adjeng Inez Nugroho

Adjeng Inez Nugroho is an Indonesian sexy model, she is also an actress and presenter. Below is short information about Adjeng Inez:
Full Name : Adjeng Inez Nugroho
Nickname : Ajeng
Height / weight : 170 cm / 50 kg
Occupation : Photo & Commercial model , Actress and Presenter
Education : Student
Hobby : Sports, Automotive, Shopping, Gadget
Size : Shirts S : Pants 28 : Bra 34 : Shoes : 38

Entertainment areas of recognition as something fun. No wonder when Ajeng Inez Nugroho has menekuninya since I was in high school. Her career began as a photo model, advertising models, stand up and pursue world guide sinetron and presenter.

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